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One of Spain’s greatest assets is its linguistic plurality. For this reason, in Conexión: Creando Puentes we want to train refugees and immigrants living in Catalonia in the other official language of the community: Catalan. Aware of the need to master this language, we offer our students to start with our Catalan A1 course and continue in consecutive courses up to our most advanced course, Catalan B2.

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Its duration is approximately three months, depending on the characteristics of the course, as well as the availability of teachers. All of them are taught in person by native speakers at our Barcelona venue. However, trying to stretch our help beyond the barrier of distance, we are dedicated to the task of planning future online Catalan courses.

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At the same time, in line with our commitment to the community, we open the door to our free courses to all those who need them, but also invite those students with a better financial situation to make a monthly donation towards the classes they receive.

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