On 21st July, our association participated in a “cybertraining” workshop focussing on the creation and editing of videos designed for displaced and refugee people and which was presented by the Foundation Cibervoluntarios. The main objective of this training workshop was to support and make available some tools for these people to help overcome their vulnerable situation and social exclusion, and to improve their employability skills.

With this “cybertraining”, Cibervoluntarios and Conexión Creando Puentes made their debut with their first training activity within their partnership which started last May. Both bodies collaborated in the European project NADINE, whose objective is to establish an integrated digital system of social support to European migrants and refugees. 150 people participated, including obviously refugees and migrants in vulnerable situations, but also asylum seekers, different local NGOs and some hosting authorities.

Thanks to this one-hour training, some members of our charity, Conexión Creando Puentes, gained many insights and useful information about some highly recommended and easy-to-use tools and applications. They have been able to familiarise themselves in a convenient and useful situation. At the same time, they have received a lot of information about the importance of posting videos on the internet and creating content for social networks related to our charity’s activities.

Cibervoluntarios is an international Spanish NGO, launched in 2001 by social entrepreneurs with the aim of promoting the use and knowledge of technology as a means of alleviating social gaps, generating social innovation and empowering citizens to access their rights and to enhance their opportunities in many aspects of their lives.

Currently, this foundation has a network of 1700 cyber-volunteers and links to more than 1000 organisations with whom they collaborate directly and regularly.

At Conexión Creando Puentes we feel very fortunate to be one of these 1000 organisations and we are very grateful to them for sharing their knowledge. We are glad that we can aid each other’s growth and together achieve our main objectives.

Claudia Durán Martínez

(Proofreading: Kathryn McNeil)

27th July 2021

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