Conexión creando puentes


Forced migration is a drama that currently affects more than 89 million people around the world. 41% are boys and girls. Away from home and everything that was known to them, these people are deprived of their networks and family ties. Their path to a decent future begins with their education.

Your financial support enables us to continue our work in helping forced migrants to meet their basic needs and continue their ongoing education. Thanks to your help, we will be able to achieve our goals.

Through your generosity, children and young adults will be supported in their studies.

With your donation, we can:

  • Acquire computers and headsets so that our students can have their online language classes from anywhere in the world. On many occasions, the desire to learn does not correspond to the means. Your donation will allow us to bridge this gap.
  • Sponsor refugee youth to access secondary and university studies by paying for their tuition, books or school supplies. Education is, in addition to a fundamental right, a powerful weapon against social exclusion.
  • Send more volunteers to carry out teaching programmes in countries where there are refugees or internally displaced people who need educational support. So far we have traveled to Jordan, Germany, Spain, UK, Palestine and Senegal. We want to continue working on the ground and your financial support will allow it. No matter how small, your contribution is essential to keep up with our work.

To sum up, your financial support will help transform lives!