On December 21st we started a new English course for beginners in the city of Irbid, north Jordan, at the Zawaya venue, located in the city centre.

These courses are aimed at refugees and young Jordanians, who do not have enough financial resources to further their education but are motivated and eager enough to practise and use the language. We offer strong support to each student, as groups are a maximum of 8 people.

This course in particular will last one month – a total of 16 hours (4 hours every Wednesday) – and is totally free of charge. During the four-hour session we make sure students have 2 breaks, where they can enjoy chatting together while having a tea/coffee and some pastries that our volunteers prepare for them.

The contents of this course are as follows:

Basic explanations on sentence building (grammar rules)

Learning elementary vocabulary

Oral expression is practiced individually, in pairs and in groups using the vocabulary and grammatical structures learned

Group tasks and activities that allow students to get to know each other better through the use of questions and answers.


This specific course is taught by two fully qualified bilingual teachers (Arabic-English), with all the necessary educational and academic training.

Another benefit of this course is that our charity makes the topics covered in class available to students in physical format, which allows them to review and study the contents covered in each session.

And this is not all, “Conexión CP” is planning to start the year 2023 in the best way possible… and what better than starting new digital literacy and Arabic literacy courses before the spring?

So, if you are a refugee, live in Irbid and are interested in one of our courses (English, digital literacy or Arabic literacy), please fill out the form below:






29th December 2022

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