clases ingles inmigrantes

English Courses

At Conexión: Creando Puentes we are fully convinced that the only way to form a healthier community is by abolishing obstacles and prejudices that countless people have to deal with every day under the label of refugees or migrants. Therefore, we know that English as a second language is one of the ways in which we can collaborate with society. 

That is why our educational offer includes English courses. By means of our courses, we want to provide the opportunity to start learning the language from scratch, as well as enhance the improvement of the communicative competences of those who need it to get a job. In this way, and following the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, our training is differentiated by levels from A1 to C1. 


clases ingles inmigrantes
clases ingles inmigrantes

English Courses for refugees, immigrants and everybody

Our teaching staff is made up of native teachers from the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States, and Canada. All of them have the necessary training and awareness to help refugees, and migrants at large, integrate into society. Therefore, our curriculum covers not only oral comprehension and written skills, but also other aspects of life that we can find in an English-speaking society and culture. 

In addition, our commitment to comprehensive training has led us to develop initiatives, such as professional training workshops, which aim to teach how to write a CV in English, a cover letter or even how to communicate effectively in an interview or share the taste for literature in a book club. Additionally, we offer conversation classes. 

  English classes for all audiences


Since our main venue is located in Barcelona, it is in this city where classes are delivered in person in small groups of a maximum of six people. However, in order to reach all those who need our help, we also offer online classes for individuals or groups of up to four people. Classes are usually two hours per week, depending on the needs of the student as well as the availability of teachers. 

As the reason for our existence is none other than to guarantee language training to immigrants and refugees, all our courses are free of charge to those who do not have sufficient resources. On the other hand, we invite those who are in a better financial situation to join our student body by contributing with a small monthly donation.

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clases ingles inmigrantes
clases ingles inmigrantes
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