How to get involved

How to get involved

We invite people from all walks to join us in our mission.

Our participants are mainly refugees who need to improve their language skills to be able to enrol in a school, get a job, be able to communicate with social carers. This is to mention only a few potential uses.

How to get involved
How to get involved
How to get involved

To achieve our goals, as outlined on the ‘Conexión’ and ‘Our Vision and Mission’ pages, we need you. Conexión C.P. is a charitable organisation founded in response to the ongoing forced migration crisis. Across the world, some 84 million displaced persons, refugees and asylum seekers have been forced to leave their homes and seek refuge elsewhere.

War, violence, and persecution are horrors that these people have endured in their homelands, and we are committed to helping them via education and the knowledge of others to adapt to their new surroundings, and to be able to integrate into society.

Many times immigrants and refugees are met with hostility in a new country – from the government and the locals – through uncertainty and lack of knowledge. After a tortuous journey to safety, this is a depressing and upsetting factor that they did not expect.

Who We Need

That’s where you, the Conexión volunteers, come into the picture. We need people who share our passion for building a bridge between different people, different nationalities, and from different backgrounds. We need people to help Conexión CP achieve our aim of providing education, help and further, in a drive to help displaced persons become accepted, enrol at school, and eventually have the skills and knowledge to gain employment and become a valued part of society.

We look for friendly and enthusiastic volunteers who are genuinely desiring to make a positive difference in people’s lives and who can recognise that every refugee (or immigrant) carries a wealth of experience which has the potential to enrich any society.

Through volunteering with us you will help refugees, displaced people, and immigrants in general, rebuild their lives in their new countries.

On-Site Volunteering

From a distance it is difficult to look away. On the ground it is simply impossible.

On-Site Volunteering will give you the chance to help others, create deep bonds, put your efforts in building a better world and cultivate empathy. These are lessons that you will remember forever.

Volunteering keeps us alive and human.

Click here to read more about our On-Site Volunteering.

Online Volunteering

As a bridge reaches from one bank to the other, we want to reach into the lives of those who need to grow in confidence and to help them gain a chance to thrive. And how do we do that? Via Online Volunteering!

We are currently boosting our educational programmes by offering online classes whose aim is to improve our students’ ability to speak their local language and, in some cases, to prepare them to sit exams or to enable them to participate in new job placements.

Currently our volunteers are teaching English and Spanish, using online tools such as Zoom, Classroom, Teams and Skype. Click here to read more about our Online Volunteering.

How To Apply

We need an army of volunteers to keep up with the growth in demand, so if this appeals to you, your first step is to fill out one of these forms On-Site Volunteering Form or Online Volunteering Form and one of the Conexión C.P. team will be in touch to arrange a telephone or online chat.

At present we are accepting very few on-site applications due to the restrictions imposed by the covid-19 pandemic. However, if you speak English or Spanish and have the desire to help displaced persons achieve a better life, please get in touch. We need you, and they need you more!

We are sure you will not regret the experience!

How to get involved
How to get involved
How to get involved
How to get involved
How to get involved
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