Words of thankfulness

Hi, my name is Ibrahima and I am 18 years old. I am a talibe in Saint Luis (Senegal). My family sent me to live and study the Quran under a marabout when I was seven years old. When I turned 16 I realised I really needed to go to school and get a certificate, because I wanted to look forward, I wanted a better future. However, standard schools could not accept me because I lacked basic knowledge of maths, English and written French. Last year I met two volunteers from Conexión C.P. team, who came here to teach us English at the venue of a local charity (ASF). As they returned to Europe, they decided to help me with my education, paying for my rent, reinforcement classes, private courses and all the other expenses. Then when the Covid pandemic broke out, they bought me a computer and headset, so that I could keep studying online!! Today I have great hope, I know I can achieve my goals and my dreams. I’m studying hard to improve my levels of French, English and maths and I’m about to start attending a state school. Not only do I study for myself, but also for all the other talibes that I wish to help in the future. May God bless you all at Conexion, because you try to help the outcasts achieve their dreams and are giving them big hope for their future. Thank you for everything you did and are doing for me and the others. I love you!


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