Kenya: an example to follow!

On the 20th of June, while visiting Kenya for the celebration of the World Refugee Day, Filippo Grandi, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, shared a message of hope for the refugee population around the world that face the challenges posed by constant wars and conflicts, droughts and persecutions. Speaking from the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya, not far from South Sudan and Ethiopia’s borders, he praised the work of many refugees who, despite the atrocities suffered, have found the strength and resilience to rebuild their lives in another country. All around the world we have many examples of refugees who, thanks to the warm welcome by foreign governments and local residents, have been able to experience a new life, find safety and even prosper; and this has also made a positive impact on the hosting country.

Using the Kenyan example, Grandi sent this message to the world: I am using this particular visit to highlight to the rest of the world that we can – and must – do more to offer such hope, opportunities, and solutions to refugees, wherever they are and whatever the context. Kenya shows that it is possible.”

On the one hand, he emphasized the importance of “inclusion” as a vital key to support the refugees living in a different country and, on the other hand, he also recognised the role that the international community plays to facilitate the work of the host communities. While thanking all the partners that have been helping to reach the many goals until this point, he remarked again that more needs to be done to bring a permanent solution to the worldwide refugee crisis.

Please, read Filippo Grandi’s full message here.

27th June 2023

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