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Volunteer with us to help refugees and displaced people in their education

We invite people from all walks to join us in our mission.

As a bridge reaches from one bank to the other, we want to reach into the lives of those who need to grow in confidence and to help them gain a chance to thrive.

About us
About us
About us


Our charity aims to develop projects and programmes to help vulnerable refugees and forced migrants in particular. Our focus is on education.

When we link our strengths and resources together, we share joint responsibility for greater social cohesion, which will offer greater fulfilment in life and promote healthier communities, thus enhancing mutual respect and self-reliance.

Online classes for refugees

Our educational projects aim to support underprivileged people (such as refugees and asylum seekers) in their studies, mainly through language courses. We are currently boosting our educational programmes by offering online classes whose aim is to improve our students’ ability to speak their local language and, in some cases, to prepare them to sit exams or to enable them to participate in new job placements.

Languages are our current priority, in particular English and Spanish, although we will be branching out into broader subjects as the programme gathers pace.

If you are a refugee, a displaced person or an immigrant in need of a language course, please get in touch with us at and we will get back to you.



Online education volunteering for refugees

Conexión C.P. is looking for volunteers from all backgrounds who can commit to at least 25 hours of teaching work over a 3-month period. You do not have to be a qualified or experienced teacher. We are looking, in particular, for English, German and Spanish speaking volunteers who are willing to help refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants learn the language or improve their skills. Languages are our current priority, although we will be branching out into broader subjects as the programme gathers pace.

All volunteers will be given detailed advice on course content, the method of teaching and basic guidelines. You will also be awarded a Certificate of Completion and Appreciation in recognition of your contribution to the programme.

So, if you speak English, German or Spanish, you are more than welcome to help us teach our participants online. We are not looking for experts; we are looking for people who are committed to helping others less fortunate achieve a level of language proficiency that will enable them to communicate with care workers, to go to school, and to integrate in and engage with the local community. We are looking for people who want to give something back to society, and to help people who may be struggling to cope with their new surroundings.

If you are interested in volunteering with us, please fill out this form.  We will get back to you at the earliest opportunity.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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