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Two years ago, volunteers from Conexión Creando Puentes had the opportunity to travel to Amman, the capital of Jordan. This was an experience that will never be forgotten, and it has given our NGO the opportunity to collaborate with Sakeena; a social aid centre where its workers and volunteers love what they do and are forming a collaboration that is still going on today. Thanks to this collaboration, 40 students, both from Sakeena and from other parts of Amman, Jerash and Irbid, are already taking advantage of the online courses we offer … and there are more to come.

Many of them are young refugees who have been awarded scholarships to study at universities, and we are helping them to improve their English language skills for when the time comes for them to look for a job.

Therefore, given the impact of the work with Sakeena and the number of young people who are willing to become part of our family every day, CCP believes it would be wholly beneficial, if not indeed necessary, to open a training centre in Amman. This would be of great help to us in contacting other students in need, and where classes, conferences and workshops may also be held for face-to-face work. In this way the help we offer will move from being only online to being a hybrid means of communication both online and in-person for those who come to the centre.

The main objective for this new centre will be to help at least 200 boys and girls from the city of Amman and for the centre to become a point of reference for hundreds of other young people living in the rest of the country of Jordan. As for the selection process of volunteers and students, there are already seven members of the CCP team based in Amman who are willing to interview candidates directly in their native language, Arabic, and who will also be responsible for co-ordinating the work of all the volunteers.

Thanks to the support of such visionary people, who want to make a difference and be part of this great project of “new opportunities”, the Amman Centre is going to become a reality and a great response to many of the social needs of the country. For example, thanks to this project, there is an answer to unemployment as jobs will be created to benefit many of the city’s young people.

This is just the beginning; you are welcome to join us in this new adventure!

[Translated from Spanish]

Proofreading: Kathryn McNeil

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