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On-site Volunteering

What will you gain from an onsite volunteering experience?

Volunteering internationally is one of the most life changing experiences a person can have. In Conexión C.P. we know this to be very true. From the start of our work, we have been developing language study programmes in Spain, Senegal, UK, Jordan and Germany and will soon start to develop others in Greece, Palestine and elsewhere. If you want to know in a few words what volunteering has meant for our team; it is this – it has opened our eyes, our hearts and our minds to a world of fresh opportunities, both for ourselves and others. We are sure that this would be the same for you. Why? Let us tell you!

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International volunteering will open your eyes

Being in the situation abroad will allow you to see at first-hand the harsh conditions endured by millions of people forced to leave their homes and country because of war, violence, abuse, persecution or hunger. You will become aware that there is a great social injustice that needs to be addressed. Volunteering is an instrument for social change and, if you join us, you will become part of making the difference for such people.

International volunteering will open your heart

Viewing appalling situations from a distance is hard enough and it is difficult to look away. However, when you are physically present, looking away becomes impossible. Helping others, forging strong bonds with them, and making your contribution count in building a better world whilst cultivating empathy are lessons which will enhance your life forever. Volunteering thus keeps us alive and human.

International volunteering will open your mind

The French writer Émile Zola said that nothing develops intelligence as much as travelling. International volunteering is not just a trip to get to know other cultures, customs and traditions, but above all it provides a spark which will ignite something inside you and change you. You will share your knowledge and skills with other people and acquire new ones; you will create a network of friends and mutual support groups abroad and you will become aware of a personal journey towards the growth of your own personality and character. There is more to this world than that which we personally experience, and perhaps we have a duty to share our good fortune with those less blessed. This is a concept that shouldn’t need spelling out, but from our perspective in the world, we forget this obligation far too often.

What will we offer you at Conexión C.P.?

  • We are not going to ask you to have a specific qualification in teaching languages, but it is important that you possess a good level of spoken and written English or Spanish. In some areas we would also value other languages.
  •  We assure you that before, during and after your international volunteering experience, you will have our support so that you feel safe and secure.
  • We will give you all necessary information about the country or territory where you are going to work including details about the students you are going to support, what you should carry in your travel bag, your accommodation, the rules of conduct, the weather and the currency in use. If you need it, we will also provide you with a list of key phrases in the local language to help you get around and communicate with others.
  • In case you want to travel to Africa, we will supply details of the vaccinations you have to get.
  • We try to defray the expenses of each volunteer, but at Conexión C.P. we depend on donations and you may have to pay for part of your trip (e.g. plane ticket, accommodation, etc.).
  • We make great efforts to create and maintain good relationships with the hosts and that the trip is affordable for all.
  • If you decide that you would like to become an on-site volunteer, we don’t want funds to be an impediment to your joining us. Do not hesitate to contact us and together we will try to find a solution.
  • Upon your return, a volunteer certificate will be provided for you on which will be summarised the work you have carried out for Conexión.
  • If you are interested, please fill out this form and send it to We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.



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