Our New YouTube Channel

At Conexión Creando Puentes we have launched our first YouTube channel in which, apart from teaching Spanish and English, we will also address cultural topics. This channel is mainly a tool to support and provide more educational help for our students, although its content can also be of great help for many other people who are not currently studying with us.

At the moment we only have Spanish playlists, but videos in English will be coming soon. All our Spanish videos are also subtitled in Spanish (to make it easier for our students to follow), however, English and Arabic subtitles will be available next year.

Our current playlists are:

Learn Spanish (videos which are mostly dedicated to grammar).

– Spanish vocabulary

– Cultures (from Spain, Central and South America).

We encourage everyone to subscribe and enjoy all our educational and informative videos.


If you are a person who likes to share their knowledge or interesting cultural anecdotes, please contact us through Contact and we’ll talk about it. 🙂 🙂


If you want to help us, but don’t know how, here are some ways to support our cause:

  1. You could share about Conexión: Creando Puentes on social networks.
  2. You could help us find partners who want to support us in our work and projects (even 1 euro would bring a smile to our faces and to the faces of those who receive our academic help for free).
  3. You could organize an event in which you explain the work of Conexión: Creando Puentes.
  4. You could help us with the translation of videos’ subtitles.
  5. You could give us new ideas…

Anyway, if you have the desire to help refugees, asylum seekers, internally displaced people and migrants in vulnerable situations, contact us because we believe we can find a way to collaborate together.

See you soon!

17th November 2021


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