Our Team

Alessandra Giancaterino


Our director has more than twenty years of experience in education and language translation, including specialisations in psycho-pedagogy and legal translation. Alessandra is continually updating her experience and is knowledgeable about new technologies and teaching methodologies. She has studied and worked with people from a wide and diverse range of cultural and social backgrounds within countries such as Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States, amongst others. Her passion is to support and provide new personal and professional opportunities to those who need them most, motivating them to believe that achieving their dreams is possible, despite their current circumstances and seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Driven by this passion, Alessandra founded Conexión Creando Puentes in 2014 with the support of those who, like her, want to participate in promoting a more equitable world, where diversity is synonymous with acceptance, respect and parity.

Andrea Petrucci

Vice President

With a degree in Economics and Business Administration and exceptional organisational skills, Andrea continues to be the greatest support that Conexión CP could have. In addition to his practical skills, he is a man of great empathy and common sense which is a very valuable combination in undertaking the many tasks and responsibilities he covers in his role. Amongst these responsibilities also lies the coordination of the administration, finance, and legalities of Conexión CP as well as assisting in the planning of new programmes and projects. Furthermore, his language skills enable him in communicating efficiently with all relevant bodies pertaining to the charity.

Ladidet López


Claudia Durán

Communication and Marketing

Álvaro Ramírez

Digital Art and Multimedia

Miryam San Juan 

Communication and Journalism

Clara Santamaría

Communication and Marketing

Ronald Huezo

IT Expert and Multimedia

Ruba Zeidan

Media Content Creator and Public Relations

Elaine Boyd

English Teacher and Induction Trainer

Kathryn McNeil

English Teacher

Geraldine Clark

English Teacher

Christine Miskelly

English Teacher

Alberto Díaz

English Teacher

Ali Salem Abdula

English and Spanish Teacher

José Antonio Camacho

Spanish Teacher

Beatriz Cubillo

Spanish Teacher

David Márquez

Spanish Teacher

Arancha Almela

Spanish Teacher

Andrea Sabio

Spanish Teacher

Fabián Jerez

English and Spanish Teacher

Ziortza Morales

English and Spanish Teacher

Graham McNeil

English Teacher

Sofía Muñoz

English and Spanish Assistant Teacher