Our vision and mission

Our vision and mission

In a world suffering from marked inequality, it is our responsibility to empower socially disadvantaged people, e.g. refugees and asylum seekers, to strive for a better future.

As a bridge reaches from one bank to the other, we want to reach into the lives of those who need to grow in confidence and to help them gain a chance to thrive.

Our vision
Our mission

Our Vision

It is all too easy for those of who live comfortable lives to overlook the trauma that refugees and asylum seekers are subjected to. Driven from their homes by war and violence, by persecution and intolerance, the last decade has brought the numbers of displaced persons throughout the world to a staggering 89 million.

Conexión C.P. is a charitable organisation founded in response to the ongoing forced migration crisis. Refugees and asylum seekers have no option but to leave their homelands or face violence and even death. They seek refuge where they expect a friendly helping hand, but often the reality is very different.

Without the relevant language skills, refugees are often treated with disdain by the governments and locals of the destination they arrive at. The trauma they have endured in undergoing an arduous journey to seek refuge is added to by further upset when they arrive.

At Conexión C.P. our vision is help remove these barriers that exist between the displaced persons and others, by way of education and encouraging inclusion. The mental health of refugees and asylum seekers is harmed by the many pitfalls they have to overcome before they feel they are safe and welcome.

We see ourselves as a bridge between two banks, whereby when the refugee crosses this bridge aided by education and the knowledge of others, they reach the safe haven with enough understanding to perhaps enrol at school, to become included in society, and eventually find employment. But most of all, to live an improved, comfortable life in safety.

Our Mission

We have outlined our vision above, and that vision goes hand in hand with the Conexión C.P. mission to help as many displaced persons, asylum seekers and refugees as we can. We currently run online courses for the disadvantaged in basic subjects such as English, Spanish and German, so that migrants can build their confidence in a new land or region. When possible, we will be branching out into a wider range of subjects.

Our mission is also to enable displaced persons to have access to the tools they need – laptops, other educational tools – so that they can take full advantage of the educational programmes we provide and, once ready, take their education further via the national curriculum. To do this we will need fundraisers and donors, the implementation of which is currently underway.

At Conexión C.P. we are passionate about our aims, and dedicated to building that bridge to connect people from different backgrounds and help those affected by the worldwide forced migration crisis. Please see our ‘How to Get Involved’ page for information on volunteering. We need you to help, and the people we are providing for need you more.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic prevented us from running face to face programmes in most cases until not long ago, we developed online options. We need volunteers to help us achieve our goals, so please get in touch if you want to play a part in helping some of the over 100 million displaced persons settle in their new home and live a comfortable life.

Our vision and mission
Our vision and mission
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