Project NADINE

In partnership with Cibervoluntarios.

NADINE is a project supported by the European Union’s “Horizon 2020” research and innovation programme with several countries involved, including Italy, Greece and Belgium. The project started on 1 November 2018 and will last 36 months. It counts on 13 partners and a budget of 4 953 131.25 €, with an EU contribution of 3 970 576.50 €. As an innovation action, this project aims to achieve a number of specific scientific and technological objectives. NADINE’s technical approach will allow us to implement the platform, which will eventually offer a set of highly intelligent services.

The European Union approved to test this project for a period of 3 years, supporting and financing the creation of this platform. This last is expected to be launched around November 2021, once the trial period is over.

NADINE will provide migrants and refugees with personalised information and guidance on social services, careers and administrative procedures in their new host country. This will be achieved through a career guidance system and an administrative support.

A total of 2 pilots have already taken place, each with 150 migrants. A third and final pilot is planned to be carried out throughout the month of June with 150 migrants more. They will be asked to test the platform in real time, which will enable coordinators and IT experts to remotely follow each platform user via screensharing, in order to identify possible faults to be corrected.

This last pilot is led by Cibervoluntarios  and at Conexión Creando Puentes we also want to do our bit, so that this project can go ahead and achieve its purpose. We will assist Cibervoluntarios with about 10 migrants (among them refugees and asylum seekers) on the 16th and 17th of June from our venue in Barcelona. Our participants are from different countries, such as Morocco, Senegal, El Salvador, Honduras, Venezuela, Peru and Armenia.


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