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The extent of the forced migration crisis has been relegated to the small print in the press with the onset of covid-19. Across the world, some 80 million people have been forced to flee their homelands in the face of persecution, war, and the threat of violence or even death. Having undergone a traumatic experience, they arrive in a new country expecting a welcome and help, but this is not always the case.

Immigrants may find it difficult to integrate, especially where there are language problems, and Conexión C.P. – a charitable organisation – has been founded as a response to this ongoing and disastrous situation. By way of educational programmes, it is our goal to help refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants learn or improve their language skills, especially in English or Spanish, and we help build bridges with them and the local community.

A recent example of our efforts involved members of our team who visited the Excellence Center in Germany, where we taught lessons in English to welcoming Syrian refugees. This was a unique opportunity for us to learn about the Syrian refugee crisis first hand, and we found both staff and students to be friendly and enthusiastic.

We were able, while helping students learn about pronunciation, grammar and all aspects of English, to encourage them to talk about their experiences. This was an enlightening experience for us. We taught at the centre, and also at museums and libraries, cafes and restaurants, to bring a relaxed feel to the lessons.

What became clear was that the students want to learn more, and we want to continue providing our services to them. At the moment we offer online teaching in English, and we need you to help us. Volunteering with Conexión, in partnership with the Excellence Center, is a rewarding and satisfying experience that will give you insight into the scope of the forced migration problem. If you think you are the right fit for Conexión and are willing to help refugees in Germany, please get in touch at info@conexioncp.org or by filling our contact form (see Online Volunteering page), and we’ll start building bridges for these people to cross and get Project GERMANY stronger.

NOTE: On-site Volunteering in Germany will resume as soon as some of the restrictions will be lifted. We will keep you updated.

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