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Experience at the Refugee Council (UK)

We founded Conexión C.P. as a response to the ongoing worldwide forced migration crisis. With the world’s media focused on the covid-19 pandemic, the plight of some 80 million people who have been forced to leave their homelands thanks to war, persecution and the threat of violence is being overlooked. At Conexión, we aim to help refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants through educational programmes.

We offer online teaching courses, primarily in English, and our team strives to build bridges between the immigrants and the local communities in order that refugees and asylum seekers can learn or improve their language schemes, undertake education and integrate more readily. Although we work hard with our own programmes, the Conexión team also volunteers with other bodies in the relevant fields, so that we can build on our knowledge and help people more effectively.

Some of our team have been volunteering with the Refugee Council in the UK. We found this a thoroughly informative and engaging experience. The Refugee Council works with refugees and asylum seekers in overcoming inherent problems they face in a new country. Often, asylum seekers arrive in the UK expecting to be welcomed, only to find there is hostility from many quarters.

The Council proved to be excellent in applying their expertise in practical help, running ‘round tables’ where problems are discusses and dealt with, and in their English language classes. The Conexión team learned a great deal about the refugee situation in the UK that we can put to good use.

But we can’t help these people without volunteers; volunteers like you. We need you to help with our current online English courses and future programmes. We need people willing to help people who may be depressed and hopeless see that they do have a future. We need you to build on the foundation that Conexión has created, and do your bit to help displaced persons improve their skills so they can integrate and work in the local community.

We can’t do it without you, so please get in touch and we’ll have a chat about your experience.

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