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Teaching in Jordan

In partnership with Sakeena, Charity for Social Support

Project Jordan – English for disadvantaged youth, to help them get to university and/or get better jobs


A few months ago we at Conexión Creando Puentes started a weekly collaboration with Sakeena: a non-governmental organisation and charity for orphans in Jordan, whose mission is to empower all orphans to enjoy life like any other member of society.

Our new project with Sakeena started in March this year (2021) and consists of providing online English tutoring to young people from the Sakeena-Charity for Social Support Centre (page in Arabic). In order to offer them as much support and help as possible, we decided to commit ourselves to cover their monthly internet fees and give them a new laptop, so that students can always have a good connection to attend all their classes in the best possible way with the least difficulties.

Sakeena is much more than a centre and a charity, they are like a big family, whose only concern and interest is to guarantee the complete wellbeing of all the young people they help.

If you are interested in volunteering online, please fill in this form. If you prefer to volunteer on-site at the Jordan project, please note that we will soon be publishing opportunities for 1 and 2 week placements, where you will be able to teach intensive English courses. You don’t need to be a teacher, as long as you are fluent in the language (written and spoken) and know how to pass on your knowledge. In some cases students do not speak any English, so a good knowledge of Arabic would be a plus. However, if you have any questions, please contact us at info@conexioncp.org and we will inform you about everything.


By way of educational programmes, Conexión aims to offer courses that will help immigrants, refugees and displaced people learn the native language, and perhaps enrol at school to further their education, integrate with the community and find employment.

At Conexion we aim to build bridges between displaced people and the locals, and we need volunteers to enable this to happen. An example of our endeavours is Project JORDAN, which aims to teach English to parentless youth and refugees in the city of Amman and beyond. Immediately prior to the Covid-19 outbreak, Conexión team was able to visit the city and help with teaching young students in the Sakeena Centre. We were welcomed with open arms by the staff and the pupils, and the entire experience was a joyful and rewarding one.

Inspired by the experience, Conexión CP has decided to extend its reach and offer online English courses to the young parentless and displaced adults in Amman to help them reach a level that will allow them to enter secondary or higher education. This is an excellent opportunity for volunteers who have an interest in Middle East culture. Since some of the students are non-English speakers, we are also in need of volunteers with a good knowledge of spoken Arabic.

We are also working at building bridges and making connections with the refugee camps to the North of Jordan and with other refugee families throughout the country, to help them learn or improve their English. Soon we will give you updates.

To do this, Conexión C.P. needs you. If you want to help, please get in touch and help those who have been forced out of their homelands to lead a settled and comfortable life.

Your financial support has the power to transform lives

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