Today we are here to tell you about the great work that UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is doing at a time when forced displacement is reaching historic levels. Through their website, more specifically in the section “Teaching about refugees”, you can get the necessary educational material on refugees, asylum, migration and statelessness, as well as a section dedicated to professional development and guidance for primary and secondary school teachers on the inclusion of refugee children in their classes.

To this end, they divide the material into five different sections: 

  1. Words Matter
  2. Facts Matter
  3. Age-appropriate teaching materials
  4. UNHCR media materials
  5. Including refugees in your classroom

In each of the sections they explain and provide information through audiovisual and written material on how to deal with situations that may arise in each of the five areas. During all the explanations, there is the option to support the learning with multimedia content, such as videos that show and explain in a simpler way the steps or behaviour that should be taken with respect to refugees and their behaviour, culture, difficulties…  

What we want to do with this article is to make known the great work that UNHCR does by providing this information that we believe is so necessary, completely free for everyone and so well explained thanks to the support of the multimedia content they provide.  

Below we provide you with both their website and social networks through which you can contact them and keep up to date with their activities.

Official UNHCR website where you can find all this information and the materials: 




You Tube



2nd March 2022

[traslated from Spanish]

Proofreading: Rebecca Coleman

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