Spanish Courses for Immigrants

At Conexión: Creando Puentes we dedicate the bulk of our activity to teaching languages to immigrants in vulnerable situations or refugees. In particular, we have extensive experience and dedication to teaching Spanish.

To this end, we have an experienced team of volunteer native teachers, as well as an important number of agreements with universities – such as Camilo José Cela, Nebrija or UNIR. Therefore, we’ve been able to increase the number of programmes of Spanish as a second language (ELE).

We offer two teaching modalities – one face-to-face in Barcelona and Badalona, and the other online. For the former we form groups of a maximum of six people, while for the latter we have group classes of up to four students or individual classes. These courses usually have a teaching load of between two and four hours per week, depending on the teacher’s availability or the student’s needs; and a duration of approximately three months.

Our classes follow the organization in levels proposed by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and its syllabus. Therefore, we cover basic aspects of the language such as pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. We also encourage the development of skills that allow our students to improve their diction, to know better the socio-cultural environment of Spain, or to be able to continue their learning autonomously. For this reason, at the beginning of the course, an initial level evaluation is carried out to determine the level of communicative competence of our students, so that we can offer them an adequate language programme.

In order to guarantee the continuity of our selfless work, we invite those students who have an active work status and a stable economic situation to contribute with a monthly donation.

If you need Spanish classes or know someone who does, please contact us at or fill out this form.

See you soon!

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