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From our non-profit charity Conexión: Creando Puentes, we are happy to have been able to offer about three years of sustained efforts in providing online education to various age groups (children, teenagers and adults) in the conflict-ridden Gaza region. Our work ranges from teaching languages, such as English and Spanish, to teacher training and emotional support provided by a group of highly qualified volunteers.


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The current situation in Gaza, marked by violence and desolation affecting civilians, who have been displaced from the north to the centre and south, has deepened the hardships in which they find themselves. The lack of access to basic resources such as food, water, gas and clothing, as well as the destruction of housing, demand a tangible and urgent response from our charity, despite our historical focus on the education and training of migrants, displaced people and refugees.

Our students, in an effort to communicate despite the difficult circumstances, have informed us about the loss of their homes and their displacement to precarious environments. In response to their needs, we have decided to channel our efforts into the provision of humanitarian assistance kits. In an ongoing dialogue with those affected, we have identified the need to prioritise providing hygiene and dignity kits for women, among other essential items.

Motivated by a desire for direct and effective impact, we call on the community to support us in this initiative that seeks to alleviate the most fundamental needs of those affected by the war in Gaza. Any form of collaboration will be appreciated, as we understand that joining forces will significantly strengthen our ability to provide assistance.

Despite the inherent challenges, such as intermittent communication due to limited internet connection, we have been able to work with a local charity (UFA – Unlimited Friends Association for Social Development) to manage the logistics of delivery in the midst of the armed conflict. We have known the UFA charity for two full years and have taught both English and Spanish to some of their students and others referred by them; in addition this year we conducted a teacher training course for some of their teachers. We have witnessed their eagerness to help the people of Gaza and their unwavering dedication, which has remained the same for the past 20 years.

As we prepare for the shipment of the kits, we have decided to send monetary donations to UFA to help them buy food, medicine and clothes for the families, knowing that the humanitarian aid by truck is not enough and that the foodstuffs/medicines still available on the ground are becoming more and more expensive and the local families cannot afford them.

So we are ready to start fundraising and to answer any questions you might have (

If you are willing to donate for general help (food, medicines, clothing …), please click here: AID FOR GAZA

If you are willing to help us buy hygiene kits, which will be delivered by truck, please click here: KITS FOR GAZA

Choose your donation through PaypalHELPING GAZA

Don’t forget to check for updates!

Thank you for standing with those that need us NOW!

Conexión CP Team

14 December 2023

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