Third Fair of the S.S.S. Economy in Barcelona


On October 2 we spent the day at the third Fair of The Social, Solidarity and Sustainable Economy of Poble Sec held in the Plaça del Sortidor. This fair, held under the umbrella enquiry of “What’s beyond capitalism?”, aims to create solid links in the region between the various groups by promoting models of responsible and sustainable aspects of the local economy that we find, and  then helping them to promote their projects. This project  is organised by Cooperasec with other neighbourhood organisations and groups.

The activities’ programme, in addition to stalls from participating associations and organisations, ranged from talks and debates to children’s workshops, shows and presentations.

During this wonderful day we met several people and organisations that work in caring capacities, such as those helping orphaned children or homeless people. Passers-by, as well as volunteers and employees of other associations, were also interested in our projects and visited our stand and asked us questions about Conexión Creando Puentes.

We have made connections with people interested in our work, and they have either offered to volunteer with us, or have asked us to contact them so that we can go into greater detail about what we as a charity do to help refugees and displaced people. We also took photos, exchanged email addresses, gave information to parents, and made several wonderful personal and professional connections.

The day was extremely positive, and we will continue to participate in activities like this so that we get to know our neighbours better and are better able to build greater strength within our community. We welcome all those who share our aims, and we intend to build a strong bridge that will connect us all still further.

Translated from Spanish

Proofreading: Kathryn McNeil

26th October 2021

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