A group from our team was in Şanlıurfa only a week ago. Our friend Ahmet Doğan has informed us about the situation in his city, here is one of his articles. Please, read on!

The recent flood that devastated the city of Urfa (officially Şanlıurfa), Turkey on 14th March 2023 has left a trail of destruction in its wake. The flood has claimed the lives of 15 people and has caused severe damage to many houses and cars. This tragic event highlights the urgent need for action to address the root causes of climate change and prevent similar disasters from happening in the future.

As a climate activist, I urge everyone to respect the scientific data that clearly demonstrates the connection between extreme weather events and climate change. The increasing frequency and severity of floods, droughts, hurricanes, and wildfires around the world are a clear indication that we are in a climate emergency. The time for action is now.

According to the local authorities, the flood in Urfa was caused by heavy rainfall that exceeded the capacity of the city’s drainage system. The intensity and duration of the rain were much higher than what the region typically experiences, which can be attributed to the changing climate patterns. Climate scientists have warned that as the global temperature rises, extreme weather events such as floods will become more frequent and severe.

The flood in Urfa has caused significant damage to many houses and cars. The destruction caused by such events not only affects people’s homes and properties but also disrupts the local economy, leading to loss of income and employment opportunities. The impact is particularly severe on vulnerable communities, such as those living in poverty or near flood-prone areas.

We must take urgent action to reduce our carbon footprint and mitigate the effects of climate change. This requires a concerted effort by individuals, governments, and businesses. Individuals can take small but meaningful actions such as reducing energy consumption, using public transportation, and eating a plant-based diet. Governments must invest in renewable energy, phase out fossil fuels, and implement policies that incentivize sustainable practices. Businesses must prioritize sustainability in their operations and supply chains.

In addition to reducing emissions, we must also adapt to the changing climate patterns by improving our infrastructure, such as building better drainage systems and strengthening flood barriers. It is essential to ensure that our cities and communities are resilient to the impacts of climate change, particularly those most vulnerable to its effects.

The flood in Urfa is a reminder that climate change is not a distant threat, but a present reality. The effects of climate change are already being felt, and the longer we delay action, the more severe and irreversible the impacts will be. We owe it to ourselves and future generations to take urgent and meaningful action to address the root causes of climate change.

As a global community, we must come together and take action to reduce our carbon footprint and mitigate the effects of climate change. We cannot afford to wait any longer. The time for action is now. We must respect the scientific data and work towards a sustainable future for all.

Author: Ahmet Doğan

Şanlıurfa, 17th March 2023

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