Visiting Jordan and Palestine


During the month of May 2022, our director Alessandra visited Jordan to meet with some volunteers in the city of Amman, with the aim of talking about projects, tasks, activities, etc. to be developed in the short and medium term, as well as continuing with the online classes for refugees and displaced people. She also had the opportunity to meet and get to know some of the many students who are studying English and Spanish through our NGO Conexión Creando Puentes.

Our director describes the meeting as a very inspiring experience, where she enjoyed time together, the extraordinary gastronomy of the city and wonderful conversations.

One main idea was inviting European volunteers to Jordan with the aim of getting to know volunteers from Jordan and carrying out various WORKSHOPS and INTENSIVE LANGUAGE COURSES together.


Among the different proposals of workshops, the following should be highlighted: students enrolled, in addition to learning Spanish or English in person, will enjoy other activities, such as learning how to write a proper CV or cover letter, and attending workshops on mental health, astronomy, crochet, etc., all conducted in English. International volunteers will find out what we do in Jordan by first hand. There will be a possibility of sightseeing/visiting iconic places in Jordan as well.

In the following days, Alessandra had a meeting with the management team of the Excellence Center, an education centre in the city of Hebron (El Khalil) in Palestine, where she met volunteers both from the country and from different nationalities. It was very pleasant to verify in situ that the courses taught in this centre are progressing satisfactorily and that the number of international volunteers has increased. They are collaborating in the teaching of English, as they learn Levantine Arabic as well.


We plan to visit Hebron again soon, along with some of our volunteers, to teach English, learn Arabic and motivate local students to participate in workshops that could be relevant for creating online businesses, enabling them to develop their skills, all of which could be very noteworthy on their CVs.

She also had the opportunity to visit other Palestinian cities and have a first contact with a few educational institutions.


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30th May 2022

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