Join our exciting voluntourism initiative in the beautiful city of Barcelona, through the charity ‘Conexión – Creando Puentes’!

We are excited to present this new project that combines volunteering with tourism, known as ‘voluntourism’.

This project will be carried out through 3 specific programmes: teaching English, teaching German (with the possibility of combining both), and audio-visual production of videos and photography.

To participate in the first two programmes, an advanced knowledge of the relevant language is required, although it is not necessary to be a native speaker. Teaching experience is recommended, but not mandatory. If you do not have teaching experience, we offer guidance and teaching guidelines.

For the third programme, a sound knowledge of audio-visual production is essential and must be demonstrated beforehand. In addition, a good understanding of at least one of the languages, such as English or Spanish, is required for communication with our charity staff and students.

The volunteer programmes have the following characteristics:

Minimum duration of one week, with the possibility of extending for up to three months. Classes will be held from Monday to Friday, allowing volunteers to travel on weekends. Although the project will start in October, there will be exceptions for those volunteers who wish to participate in one of our programmes for one or two weeks prior to October.

– Only volunteers over the age of 18 will be accepted.

– The timetable will be flexible, with volunteers working either in the morning or in the afternoon. Those who teach in the morning will have the afternoons free to explore Catalonia and its surroundings, and vice versa.

– A weekly fee will be required, which will cover accommodation in single or shared rooms with other volunteers in hostels or flats, airport transfers, a 10-trip card for public transport, two introductory Spanish classes, and a fund of 150 euros in the form of vouchers for breakfasts and lunches, thus offering a half-board option.

BARCELONA, Plaça Reial (Spain)

The first day will be dedicated to orientation, where information will be provided on class schedules and how the programme works, and you will visit the Education Centre and meet the supervisor. We will also provide a map of the city, a bilingual dossier (English-Spanish) to get around, a leisure guide, and we will accompany the volunteers to their accommodation.

All of this information will be provided beforehand by means of a video call when registering for the programme, although it will be repeated in detail on the first day.

The initial two Spanish classes will use the material previously provided (bilingual dossier). If you would like more classes, these will be offered at an additional cost, as will the guided sightseeing tours.

If you are interested in being part of this enriching volunteer experience, contact us at for more details and join us to create meaningful connections while exploring a new culture and contributing to the growth of our educational community in Barcelona.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

Conexión CP Team

27th May 2024


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