Catalan Courses for Companies and Institutions

“Building Linguistic Bridges: Catalan Courses for Companies and Institutions with Social Impact”.

Our charity, “Conexión: Creando Puentes”, has started delivering Catalan courses to companies, schools, institutions and all those entities that seek to improve the Catalan language skills of employees coming from other parts of Spain, as well as from South America and other nations, that require the mastery of this language to optimize their business activities.

We are therefore pleased to offer these courses, which are conducted by fully trained native teachers with experience in the field of education. Classes are held for 3 hours per week, distributed in 2 sessions of 1.5 hours each. Although we offer a standard programme, we are open to listen to the specific needs of each company or institution, adapting to the training requirements of their employees or students. The duration of the course can be agreed for a period of 3 months or more, depending on your interests. In addition, we offer intensive courses.

Our pricing policy is designed to be affordable for all entities, as we not only support employees in developing language skills that facilitate their work tasks, but we also encourage effective communication in specific situations, such as meetings or events that are conducted exclusively in Catalan. This approach is particularly beneficial for social events, such as company meals, where most of the participants speak Catalan and may face difficulties when using Spanish. In addition, it facilitates integration into the daily life of the autonomous community of Catalonia.

By choosing our courses, you will not only be investing in the development of your own team, but you will also be contributing to a social cause. The funds raised are used to provide courses to people in vulnerable situations, such as refugees and immigrants. Thus, part of the proceeds will be invested in academic projects of our organization.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:


Telephone no. 930 24 09 44

Conexión: Creando Puentes

30th January 2024

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