Spanish for Ukrainians

At Conexión Creando Puentes, we are collaborating with Ukrainians in Barcelona (Spain). For this purpose, we offer them free Spanish courses focused mainly on sentence building and conversation at our venue in Barcelona. Each group is formed by 10-15 students and are thought by 7 volunteers (teachers).

Courses are 3 hours per week:
The first two groups started at the beginning of April.
The third group at the end of April.
The fourth group will start soon and will be made up of mothers and children (approx. 20 in total).

Among our main goals are helping students to create their own CVs, be prepared for job interviews and gain knowledge about  working in Spain. Besides that, we are also helping them to cope with everyday situations (such as going to the doctor, opening a bank account, knowing the best supermarkets, stores, cafes, gyms and cultural and leisure centres), for which we are currently carrying out routes through the city.

But… that’s not all, on Saturdays (until the end of June) and during the week (in July), we will organise some workshops in Spanish or Catalan (according to demand) for the little ones, in which they will have fun creating their own vegetable garden, baking cookies, painting and drawing… And a lot of other things!

If you are interested to join our walks through the city as a volunteer, or if you are willing to be an instructor in our workshops, please contact us through this form. See you soon!

[Translated from Spanish]

6th May 2022

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