The English and Spanish Programmes for Refugees

In partnership with the Excellence Center  

From Conexión Creando Puentes we have launched new online English and Spanish teaching programmes for refugees in Germany, in partnership with the Excellence Center of Halle-Saale.

How to access this project is very simple; those who are interested in either learning or improving their English or Spanish should first contact our organisation or the Excellence Center. After contacting us, a form will be provided to fill out and then there follows a brief and simple interview of about 20 minutes. This is also the opportunity where candidates will be given all the necessary details (thus, at times the interview can take slightly longer).

These courses are for refugees and displaced people from places as diverse as: Syria, Palestine, Sudan and Afghanistan, etc. They are free of charge and are held via Zoom or similar I.T. platforms. Students will receive between 1 to 4 lessons per week, depending on their and the teachers’ availability.

The classes are very dynamic and fun, designed to keep the students highly motivated and eager to continue on their courses. Each course has either one or two teachers, depending on the number of hours deployed. Also, teachers send homework to their students, who have to complete and send it back via e-mail in order for it to be marked and assessed.

Many students take our courses to become more eligible for job opportunities, to prepare for university examinations and professional courses or to participate in Socrates exchange courses.

Once the course is completed, students will obtain a certificate which will either specify the number of hours completed (from 10 to 20 hours) or will state the level accomplished for the European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Our students are very successful in achieving the course objectives, which are explained before the course starts, and they often go on to attend other courses to keep improving their language skills.

If you are interested in knowing more or receiving our student application form, please contact us and we will reply to you at the earliest opportunity.

Kind Regards,

Conexión CP and The Excellence Center

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