Urgent Call for Solidarity

[Photographer: Hosny Salah]


Gaza Humanitarian Crisis Requires Immediate Action

The situation in Gaza has escalated to critical levels, demanding an immediate response to the distressing reality faced by affected communities. Through our contact with students and the humanitarian charity UFA (Unlimited Friends Association for Social Development) in Nuseirat (Gaza), an unprecedented humanitarian crisis has become evident that requires the urgent attention of the international community.

UFA, located in central Gaza, is dealing with an alarming situation. Despite its efforts to feed refugee families, the population is facing severe levels of extreme hunger and the need  for food provisions is urgent. This can be seen in the looting of UFA’s warehouse and the way that people consume food directly from the delivery trucks out of desperation.

[UFA warehouse after being looted]


The environmental conditions of the harsh winter further aggravate the situation, with families facing a shortage of blankets and the need to use wood from trees for cooking. In the UFA’s facilities, which house 250 people, damage to furniture and bathrooms indicates the impact of winter weather conditions on the severity of the crisis.

The crisis also affects the mental health of the population. One student, previously a beneficiary of our educational programme, is facing a shortage of antidepressants and exorbitant prices. Her situation has worsened significantly, and her case, among many others, underscores the importance of ensuring continued access to essential medications for those suffering from mental health conditions, which are sadly many people.

From our charity Conexión: Creando Puentes, we make an urgent call for global solidarity. We seek to raise funds to deliver vegetable boxes to the neediest families, providing basic food for a period of 7 to 10 days as a first intervention (1 food parcel for a family of 5-6 lasts 7-10 days and costs $25). In addition, we will allocate resources to purchase hygiene and dignity kits, as well as essential medicines to address the most pressing needs of the affected population.

The humanitarian crisis in Gaza requires a collective and urgent response. Through international solidarity, we can provide vital support to those facing dire conditions, helping to alleviate suffering and restore hope in the midst of adversity. Every contribution counts in building a bridge to a more dignified and sustainable future for affected communities in Gaza.

Below are several hyperlinks to make contributions via PayPal or credit/debit card, depending on individual preferences. We have generated three different PayPal links, each associated with a specific currency. Included in these links is a drop-down menu that makes it easy to select the type of donation you want to contribute. In addition, the Stripe links guarantee a level of security equivalent to that provided by PayPal, allowing the use of credit/debit cards.

Your generosity will go a long way in providing aid to those most in need in Gaza. We appreciate your support at this critical time and hope that together we can do our part.

Thank you for being part of the solution!

If you have any questions, please write to


Donation via Paypal (debit/credit cards can be used too):

AID FOR GAZA (euros)

AID FOR GAZA (British pounds)

AID FOR GAZA (US dollars)

Donation via Stripe (here you can use your debit/credit card)

AID FOR GAZA (euros)

AID FOR GAZA (British pounds)

AID FOR GAZA (US dollars)



Conexión CP Team 

20th December 2023

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